Kotły C.O. - Rafał Grobelny

About the company

KOTŁY C.O. – Rafał Grobelny company with over 30 years` experience specialize in high quality central heating boiler production. With long term experience we constantly improve product quality to satisfy our customers` needs. Moreover, the use of high quality attested boiler steel, other materials and quality control system awards our products an outstanding level of durability.

Boilers have got certificates given by, among others, Technical Inspection Authority in Łódź and Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. Our products are environmentally friendly awarded by “ecological safety sign” test certificate. We offer KW-GR GENERATOR - combustion process is stimulated by an induced air flow delivered by blowing ventilator which is electronically controlled. Applied burning technology causes that parameters of these dust boilers are incomparably better than other boilers on solid fuels. The product is marked with patent pending. We also offer KTM type - a boiler piston with automatic feeding fuel (fine coal, pea coal, eco-pea coal) and also EKR type – retort combustion system adapted to eco pea-coal combustion. Both KTM type and EKR type are simple to maintain. We produce BIO-POWER type - energy solutions based on biomass (wood, waste wood such as sawdust, shavings, scraps of wood etc.) Also sawdust burner for coal boiler can be produced upon request.

Boilers presented above can be used for heating living quarters (blocks of flats, single-family houses), religious buildings, parsonages, schools, hospitals, farm poultries, industrial halls, commercial halls, workshops, greenhouses etc. Our production is being constantly developed and modernized. Our company has recently bought modern plasma cutting equipment.


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