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NEON heating controller for boilers with piston feeder and screw conveyor feeder

NEON heating controller is a stable set temperature controller for solid fuel boilers with a piston or a screw conveyor feeder.


NEON heating controller uses PID FUZZY LOGIC algorithms. It has been designed by our best programmers while their many years of work. It has got innovative solutions implemented in the combustion and temperature control algorithm.

NEON heating controller has two functions:

- set temperature control - the PID II algorithm assures stable set temperature in the boiler as well as dynamic reaction to heat reception change. The boiler keeps heating at all times in its full range from 1 to 100%.

- flexible burning control - the Flexible Burning System (FBS) is a function that allows proper burning of the fuel of calorific value 15% different from the preset one. This means that a reasonable change of calorific value does not require corrections of dose or fan setting adjustment.

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